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Morandi Measuring Spoons S/4

Morandi Measuring Spoons S/4

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Set of four Morandi spoons, labeled Scoop, Dollop, Smidge, and Dash. For the creative cook!

Approximate measures:

Label Amount
Scoop 1/4 cup
Dollop 1/8 cup
Smidge 2 tsp
Dash 1/2 tsp

Morandi Collection

The Morandi pieces by Roost are made with stoneware clay. The clay is liquified and poured into molds then bisque fired  before glazing and final firing. The natural variations in the mineral content of the clay yield unique swirling patterns and colors during the firing process. These make for appealing references to their natural origins.

Leather ties and wood tops should be hand washed. All other pieces are dishwasher safe.